The plant history

The history of Cable plant «Energoprom» dates back to the end of the  last century. Оn 19th  May, 1995 а group of young enthusiastic people formed the Scientific production enterprise «Energoprom» Ltd and there began the construction on a new modern plant in Dnipropetrovsk region. This date is officially a birthday  of  Cable plant «Energoprom».

On 1st of September in 1998 there were launched the first two workshops, where was carried out a technical cycle of power cables and conductors for overhead power lines, was built the testing laboratory, administrative building, storage facilities, was formed an own transportation fleet.

In 2000-2008 along with further dynamism of production capacity, increasing of labor productivity, extending of product range during that period continued the construction of new workshops and equipment modernization, there was set a gantry crane in the warehouse of finished goods, were built new placement for material warehouse, mechanical repair area and workshop of wooden reels production.

In 2000 there was built and put into operation the 3rd workshop of power cables production.

June 2000 The 3th workshop construction

2001 – the enterprise entered the «Golden book of Ukrainian business elite», was honored with diploma for Ukrainian economy developing and important contribution in creation of decent international image and medal VII International open rating of popularity and quality of products and services of «Golden fortune»(2001). That year the enterprise was admitted to the «Ukrelectrokabel» association. There was begun the development of Quality Management System.

On 30th of June in 2002 «Energoprom» Ltd SPE was upgraded in «Cable plant «Energoprom» Ltd.

2002-2004 – there was built and put into operation the 4th workshop in which was possible to a creation

of high-performance fully mechanized areas for production of self-supporting insulated wires and middle voltage power cables.

There was mastered a cross-linking polyethylene insulation technology. Was extended a testing laboratory, conducted the substitution of the test and measuring equipment, set the cross-linking polyethylene insulation camera, obtained the license of certification of testing laboratory.

2002-2003. The 4th workshop construction

On 23rd of June in 2004 in the plant was certificated the Quality Management System in accordance with international standard requirement ISO 9001:2000 which further passed a number of recertification and now is certificated by Bureau Veritas (France) company with an accreditation UKAS (Britain) on a standard ISO 9001:2015.

In 2007 there was built the 2nd floor in 1st workshop and were created an area of building and telephone wires with closed technological cycle and a coating and tinning area.

In 2007 there was also started a workshop construction for production of aluminum rolled wire and middle voltage power cables.


The period from 2008 to 2015 was an essential phase in cable plant «Energoprom» time being. Passed a large technological reconstruction, the enterprise was in line of modern enterprises of domestic cable industry. Substitution and modernization of outdated equipment, improvement of technological processes let combine transaction chain in a closed technological cycle.

There were developed new technologies: wire manufacture for charging electric cars, wires for the brush of electrical machines, elevator cables, wires for rolling stock with insulation from thermoplastic and cross-linked polyethylene, fire resistant cables.

2013: putting into operation a workshop for aluminum rolled wire production.

2014-2016: was built and put into operation a new 2-storeyed building which let 2nd workshop be extended. During the technical extension there were installed some new equipment, this way an aluminum rolled wire launch highlighted a need of product power expansion of enterprise. There was transported a braiding and tinning area in the 2nd workshop, was built a lift.

For more than 20-year history of its work the plant mastered a wide range of cable and wire production for various purposes for many branches of industry and agriculture, established a close partnership with many Ukrainian and foreign companies.