• energoprom 

Standard: TU U 31.3-23075526:011-2010


1  Conductor: copper 4-5 class

2  Core Insulation: TPE

3 Separating layer: PET tape

4  Sheath: PVC


Cables are intended for internal and external connections of the rolling stock of rail transport, for railway rolling stock in the construction, repairs and modernization.

Cables used for connecting to movable current, mounted with limited movements, and for fixed installation. Wires are resistant to lubricating oil and diesel fuel


Technical parameters

  • Rated operational voltage: 660 V
  • Range of cross-sections 1,5 mm² ; 2,5 mm²
  • Number of conductors: 2; 3; 4; 7; 12; 16; 19; 24; 37
  • Insulation resistance between conductors at 20 °C:

no less 10 MW/km

  • Оperating temperatures – of  -50 °С to +70 °С
  • Flame retardant: IEC 60332-1

Service life: not less than 15 years (fixed installation), not less than 8 years (when attached to the movable current collectors)


Specifications TU U 31.3-23075526-011: 2010 “Cables and wires insulated with thermoplastic for rolling stock railway transport” agreed with the Department of locomotive economy of  Ukrzaliznytsia, with the Head Office of Traffic Safety and Ecology of Ukrzaliznytsia, with the State Department of Fire Safety of Ukraine.


Cables  certified by the certification body of railway transport of Ukraine.


Cables have a technical conclusion  of Planning and Design the Office for Locomotives Repair (PKTBrl, Poltava city) concerning the possibility of use in the repair of rolling stock and electric traction are recommended to replace the outdated cable products (ППСРВМ).