The Quality Policy

The Quality Policy

Cable plant «Energoprom» Ltd is one of the largest cable and wire producers in Ukraine.

The management of  Cable plant «Energoprom» in its working process follows the rule:


Quality Policy principles:

  1. In resolving the tasks of ensuring the quality there must be involved all plant employees.
  2. The quality level required is chosen by consumer.
  3. The Quality Management System processes correspond to international standard requirements ISO 9001:2015.  

These processes provide a constant impact improvement and work effectiveness of the enterprise.

  1. The Quality Management System is recertified by internationally recognized Bureau Veritas organization with a certificate issuance which guarantees the consumer a requirement satisfaction and the enterprise – the improving of competitiveness of launched production.
  2. The enterprise purpose:stability and constant development of designing processes and producing the goods, based on workers high professionalism.
  3. The enterprise strategy: comprehensive satisfaction of contract requirement and costumer expectations including a changing requirement market and society dynamics.
  4. Managing the quality, we pledge to follow the principles of management quality, set international standards ISO 9000 and constantly improve our work in interests of consumers and society in compliance with interests of plant staff.
  5. The work of the plant is organized such way that requirement of Quality Management System, set by international standard ISO 9001:2015, is respected.


Management’s responsibilities

The management of Cable plant «Energoprom is responsible for solving quality problems and declares the priority of necessary actions for it:7

  • Establishment of optimal enterprise structure and necessary organized conditions.
  • Adoption of necessary decisions for achieving efficiency of Quality Management System.
  • Providing with information and constant workers skills development.
  • Creation a certain atmosphere and a supportive work environment in a team, contributed to effective identify and solving the quality problems.
  • Improving the working functions for achieving the goals in the area of quality.
  • Making decisions for effective actions of the officials.

The management is responsible for the Policy will be brought to the attention, accepted and supported by staff within the whole enterprise.